Hi-Viz Knee Length Gumboot


R 215.00 



Description: Knee length gumboot with a Steel toe cap and an acid -chemical resistant sole.
Identification: Lime green with a black sole. Black Hi- Viz and CLAW branding.
Sizes: Unisex 5 – 12
Uses: Heavy duty Mining, high abrasion areas, Forestry, Construction. Acid Contaminated areas.


  • Light Weight.
  • Tough, rugged yet stylish.
  • Steel toe cap (200 joules) increases personal protection.
  • The CLAW Sole is ergonomically designed to disperse body weight reducing stud pressure and foot fatigue maximizes comfort.
  • CLAW “TOES FREE” System .The continues movement of the toes inside the front of the boot creates a bellows effect pumping out hot air and taking in cool which reduces bacterial propagation.
  • Profile CLAW positioned on the instep is designed to assist in climbing.
  • Dual density PVC creates a shock absorbent layer.
  • Rubber co-polymers in the sole, retards acid and chemical attacks while increasing the boots life. Unlike any other boot in the market all CLAW Boots are designed to fit like a shoe, minimizing foot and ankle movement inside the boot. The increased foot stability, allows the boot to “Track” the wearers foot.

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