ISY-28T Electric Pipe Beveling Machine

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  • 1x 0° beveling tool C/S
  • 1x 30° beveling tool C/S
  • 1x 37° beveling tool C/S


  • Working Range: Ф16-28 (ID in mm)
  • Wall Thickness: 6mm
  • Rated Power: 0.90kW
  • Rotating Speed: 58RPM


  • Inner mounted quickly and easily, self-located in the center of the pipe.
  • Beveling and grooving with high speed, Used for the welding preparation.
  • Can process inside beveling and deep hole.
  • Can process facing, flange, convex surface and seal groove.
  • Cold cutting process will not influence the quality of the material of the pipe.
  • Used for carbon steels, stainless steels and alloyed steel pipes end beveling.
  • Can process the U, V, double V and J shape of pipe beveling according to the customers requirement.
  • Application: petroleum, chemical, natural gas, food, boiler, medicine, power supply construction and nuclear power.
  • Driven motor: Pneumatic, Electric.


  • Electric: Driven by low-energy consumption electric motor 110V or 220V optional, 50-60Hz
  • Pneumatic: Driven by pneumatic motor, Air working pressure: 0.63-1.0Mpa, Air Consuming flux:1000-1500L/min *model applicable