Worlds Brightest LED Miners Cap Lamp

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KL12M Technical Specifications
Features KL12M Specifications
Rated capacity 11Ah
Rated voltage 3.7V
Continuous discharging time(standard version) ≥13hours
Main light LED Working Voltage 3.0V
Main light LED Working current 1A
Main light Power 3W
Main light Luminous flux 359Lm
Lamp lighting degree Initial Lighting degree 25000Lux
Lamp lighting degree Lighting degree in 16 hours >17000Lux
Main light life span ≥40000h
Auxiliary light Power 0.4W
Auxiliary light life span ≥20000h
Short circuit protect time <320μS
Life span of the battery (recharges) 1200 cycles (in reasonable working condition)
Charging time About 8-9 Hours
Dimensions 94x36x103mm
Main cable 1.4M/1.65M
Weight 0.55kg