LED Miners Cap Lamp

Thats What I Want (Pty) Ltd

R 1,100.00 


LED Miners Cap Lamp c/w Battery Pack and Charger.

Suitable for mineral industry, tunnel projects, construction and maintenance; for power, communication, highway, railway night-time and/or underground use.

Technical Specifications:

  •   Battery (Lithium ion) *colour may vary

New styled lithium ion battery which is with over-charging , over-discharging and a short circuit protection function. Every battery cycle lifetime is more than 500 charges. even after 500 charges the rated capacity still 75%.

  •   LED Source:

1W high-power LED. More than 50000 hours. Luminescence is more than 10000 lux/100lm, it adopt two sets of light source; one main & six auxiliary light source or main-auxiliary in one.

  •   Charger:

Voltage is 4.2V(normal charging voltage is 4.2V). When charging max current is 1A and voltage approach to 4.2V, charging current will reduce gently. When the batteries voltage is 4.2V and current is less than 100A,the indicator light will display a green colour. This mean that miners lamp can be used normally. When charging, the indicator light will display a red colour.

Quality Specifications:

  • 1. Quality Management System Certificate No: GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000
  • 2. CE Declaration of Conformity No: 2007-C269-LVD
  • 3. Explosion-proof Certification Of Compliance No.KD06250, KD06251

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