Pro-Tech 8 Fusion


R 1,250.00 


The Fusion is now offered in a Fusion T model featuring a NFPA 1971 Compliant Porelle PTFE Moisture Barrier. The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion and Fusion T Structural Firefighting Gloves are Certified Compliant to NFPA 1971-2013.

Advanced multi-layer design using Kevlar and Nomex enhances protection, durability, flexibility and comfort.

The Fusion is made from 100% water-resistant, FR treated goatskin. Goatskin has a high natural oil content which makes it soft and pliable. It’s more durable than cowhide, much lighter and more flexible.

The Fusion is available in Long Cuff with a debris blocker the extends the glove body for protection at the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface.

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